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Corporate and Business Unit 
Strategy Practice

Easton’s Corporate and Business Unit Strategy Practice helps companies create strategies for growth, both for specific lines of business or across the corporation. 

Easton Consultants created and continues to refine and adapt an effective analytical framework we call Sources of Advantage.  With this tool, we identify and evaluate those activities and assets–including information and knowledge development–that are progressively leverageable and drive the most effective and sustainable competitive strategies.  Using this framework, we help clients develop successful strategies on three general levels:

  1. Competitive strategy. We assist clients to achieve superior returns versus their competitors by determining where, when, and how much to invest in their businesses.  We use Sources of Advantage and our other research concepts to analyze the businesses’ markets, systems, partners, and competitors to identify competitive vulnerabilities, opportunities, and strategy options.
  2. Acquisitions, Mergers, and Strategic Alliances. We help plan and implement acquisition strategies, including searching for and screening candidates, making initial contact with the selected companies, conducting due diligence and creating programs for acquisition integration.  These assignments focus on building strategically defensible positions in the client’s industry, calibrating price paid to value created, and managing risk through successful execution.
  3. Marketing. We work with clients to adjust and optimize their marketing mix to exploit market opportunities.  Engagements have centered increasingly on creating new channels (particularly electronic ones) and realigning existing ones to benefit from customer information and knowledge capture, segment and product profitability analysis, and increasing mass customization.

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