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A Brief History of Easton Consultants

Easton Consultants was founded in 1984 by three partners who had substantial experience in corporate development and business unit strategy assignments in both industrial and commercial markets.  The partners believed that starting Easton would provide an opportunity to build upon the old practice, but transform the method of doing business.

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The decision to refine our operational practices was made considering the gathering evidence that new, less structured approaches to running businesses were going to be necessary, even for consulting firms.  The top down, monolithic control seemingly necessary to run large organizations in the past was becoming less effective because of changes in people’s attitudes toward work and the evolution of technology.

Our vision was to be an exciting and reinforcing organization for consultants who wished to do creative strategic and change management consulting.  We sought consultants who appreciated a theoretical as well as practical approach to consulting: consultants who valued the ideas fostered by an intellectual environment, but who also recognized that the most satisfying consulting assignments for both client and consultant are those that result in concrete, measurable improvement.  We believed that for the vision to be effective, the consultants needed to welcome a concept of strong personal responsibility.  This vision continues to be our driving force.

In 1987, Consultants News for the first time recognized our work by including Easton Consultants in their biennial list of 100 leading consulting firms in the United States.  In 1987 and 1988, we wrote a series of articles focusing on our approach to Competitive Strategy Development.  In 1995, we were engaged in a series of over twenty assignments reviewing the prospects for Electronic Commerce business initiatives.  At the time, there was a growing awareness that the Internet could be a viable vehicle for these initiatives, greatly simplifying network requirements and ultimately the cost of systems.  We became convinced that Internet based Electronic Commerce business model elements would be the most important concern in the establishment and maintenance of strategies for the foreseeable future.  In 1997, we published our views in “Strategy in an Internet World”.  In 1999, we articulated our view of the intersection of strategy frameworks and Electronic Commerce in our presentation materials grouped under the heading “Electronic Commerce — Strategic Discontinuities or Dislocations?”  Various presentations on dealing with this subject can be found on our web site.

We continue to work in a variety of vertical markets, however virtually all of our assignments leverage our Electronic Commerce experience gained over the last four years.

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