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People & Culture

Our People & Culture

Easton Consultants was founded on the premise that the success of any consulting firm is, ultimately, dependent on the quality of its professionals.  The intelligence and creativity our professionals bring to each project are the mainspring behind the continual evolution of our consulting product.  Their dedication guarantees high quality service to our client base and the resultant longevity of client relationships.  We rarely lose clients.

The Unique Qualities of Easton’s Consultants

The people at Easton possess qualities not ordinarily viewed as being able to exist in the same plane.  On one hand, they are creative and insightful analysts, while on the other hand, they are pragmatic problem-solvers.  Easton employees are confident in their mastery of consulting tools, but open to new ideas and techniques.  Easton itself fosters the intellectual engagement necessary to discover and use new concepts and practices for the benefit of our clients.  Finally, our consultants are advocates.  Our people are persuasive communicators because Easton believes solutions must be sold, and that selling is a noble feature of the consulting profession.

Our people come from a variety of backgrounds and have quite different personalities and interests outside of consulting.  While all of our consultants derive strength from these differences, their similarities are equally important.  All are intellectually curious, results-oriented in approaching tasks, and have a desire to work together to complete challenging assignments.  They take great pride in their accomplishments.  Beyond that, you will find other interests ranging from astrophysics to religious studies, from windsurfing to chess, from travel to writing.  Usually, you will find a dedication to excellence in whatever the investment of time.  Our consultants view time as a very precious resource.

The Atmosphere at Easton

Easton maintains a collegial and professional environment.  Our firm emphasizes that the strength of each consultant depends to a very important extent on his or her relationships with all other employees.  Our employees are encouraged to take an active interest in many firm projects.  Through this interchange, they are able to assist their colleagues by sharing ideas and challenging assumptions.  Every assignment is a team effort, even though consultants are viewed as having personal responsibilities to the team and to facets of the work.

The work at Easton is demanding.  Occasionally, long hours are required.  On the other hand, consultants tell us they experience an intense sense of satisfaction from their assignments.  Easton asks the most of its employees and gives them the chance to realize their full potential.  Consultants generally agree that their capacity for performance and their mental toughness have grown significantly at Easton.

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