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Representative Clients

Representative Clients
Easton Consultants works with Fortune 500 companies, major electric and gas utility companies, and more. The list below is representative of the clients we consult for:

American Gas Association
Automatic Data Processing, Inc.
Bank of America, Inc.
Barclays, Inc.
Bonneville Power Authority
Boston Edison Company
British Columbia Hydro
British Gas
Brooklyn Union Gas
Calgon Carbon
Chesapeake Utilities Corporation
Citibank, N.A.
Citicorp Retail Services
Citicorp Services, Inc.
Consolidated Natural Gas
Deutsche Bank AG
Diversey, Inc.
Duke Power
Dun & Bradstreet
Elsevier Science Publications, B.V.
First Union National Bank
Fred S. James, Inc.
Gas Research Institute
Georgia Kaolin
Hartford Steam Boiler
Hoffman-La Roche
Hydro Quebec
ITT Finance
Lederle Laboratories
MasterCard International
Natural Resources Canada
Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition
New England Power Service Company
Northeast Utilities
Northern Illinois Gas
Ontario Hydro
NYS Energy Resource Development Authority
Portland General Electric
Quotron Systems
Scott Paper Company
Southern New England Telephone
U.S. Department of Energy
Washington Gas Light
Wilmington Savings Funds Society
Wisconsin Center for Demand-Side Research

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